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What is citizenship by investment program?

Countries that decide to invite applications for providing citizenship to citizens of other countries design investment plans that fit their strategy and policy.  The investment pattern, rules, and due diligence, therefore, differ from country to country. These designed programs are known as citizenship by investment programs.


By acquiring citizenship in a new country you will hold a passport of that country that will entitle you to equal rights and opportunities with other citizens of the country. If your country allows you to hold multiple passports you will be able to continue as a citizen of your own country as well as of the new country. In a country like India multiple citizenship is not allowed hence in such a case you have to relinquish the Indian passport to get the new passport. 


Investments are to be made as per the plan chosen. The investment may be solicited as a donation to a government’s authorized sovereign wealth fund, or in real estate, & other sectors as defined by the law of the land from time to time. The investment made as a donation to a sovereign wealth fund of any government is generally non-refundable in nature.

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