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9 Reasons To Go On Holiday To Sharjah In The United Arab Emirates

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

1. Visit 22 beautiful museums (or at least three)

The status of the cultural capital of Sharjah has won for a reason. There are 22 museums, the expositions of which cover many spheres of life and periods: from the origins of Islamic civilization to the heyday of aviation.

For example, the Museum of Islamic Civilization should be visited at least in order to see the unrealistically beautiful mosaic of the starry sky, which exactly repeats the location of the stars during the reign of Sheikh Zayed.

2. Ride on a giant Ferris wheel

The "Eye of the Emirates" is a giant Ferris wheel located on the al-Kasasbe river, but visible from all parts of the city. A ride on it is worth, even if you are not a fan of such entertainment. Air-conditioned cabins will take you to a height of 60 meters, which offers a view that is breathtaking: the city and the long coastline of the Gulf of Oman are located below.

3. Swim in sky-blue water on Al Khan beach

Al Khan Beach is a 7-minute drive from the centre of Sharjah, but it's not the only thing that attracts locals and tourists. This is truly a paradise place, where warm white sand is washed by transparent blue pure water, and even from time to time there are cute cats.

In the distance instead of palm groves you will observe skyscrapers, and this creates a cool contrast: untouched nature and man-made buildings of man. Time on the beach flies unnoticed, while leaving, you will feel that you have completely forgotten about current affairs and problems, enjoying the moment "here and now."

4. Hear the singing of fountains

You know what? I've always laughed in the face of people who show up in storiz fountains. In Sharjah, I became that person myself. It is inexplicable, but before the magic of singing fountains on the promenade of Al-Majaz, which are considered one of the most picturesque sights of the emirate of Sharjah, it is impossible to resist. At the same time, I did not understand why they called only "singing" and not added "dancing": graceful movements of water in the beat of classical music cause a sigh of admiration. No wonder this location has become a favorite place for film premiere, fireworks, theatrical performances. I recommend to book a table in one of the many restaurants near the water, where there is an observation deck: drink a huge glass of pomegranate fresh, admire the overflowing colors of the rainbow fountains, starry sky and the moon, which seems to lay down to rest - an occupation that should appear with the travel list of any traveler with experience. By the way, did you know that the symbol of the Arab world - an upside-down month - is not the fiction of cartoonists, but a real natural phenomenon? It looks very beautiful.

5. Admire the architecture

And this is not a banal call from a tourist booklet. In Sharjah, elements of Ottoman architecture cohabit harmoniously with the stone jungles of skyscrapers. Just imagine: there are almost 600 mosques, next to which there are mirrored high-rises.

That's why bloggers from all over the world come here in search of non-trivial subjects for photos.

If you want to see the religious structure from the inside, head to the Al-Nour Mosque, which seats 2,200 people. This is the only mosque in Sharjah where anyone can enter, regardless of religion, if they know the day and time of visit: every Monday from 10 a.m.

6. Arrange car races on the desert dunes

An experience that will take a special place in your memory is a trip outside Sharjah on a desert safari. The driver of the SUV, which will accompany you all the time of travel and carefully stop in beautiful locations for photos, you can ask for two kinds of ride: estrim and ordinary. In the first case, you will find a high-speed ride with sharp turns, races and sharp descents from the tops of the dunes.

Waves of sand at the same time fly into the side windows of the SUV, you every now and then throws and shakes from side to side, but at the same time you can not stop laughing with happiness. I highly recommend this view and sit next to the driver to fully enjoy the opening desert scenery. When the car stops - take off your shoes with jump straight into the warm sand, more like soft flour. It's a feeling you won't forget. Never.

After that, go for lunch right in the middle of the desert: there are spacious tents and carpets laid out right on the sand. With their characteristic hospitality, the locals will treat you to delicious hummus, baked vegetables and fragrant coffee.

If you are lucky, you will meet a camel on the way. If you are very lucky - a cute animal will come directly to the car, shove his head into the salon and touch your soft lips your hands. It's not forbidden to cuddle!

7. Get out of the water dry

The phraseology "Get out of the water" can be taken literally by visiting the Rain Room, a permanent exhibition at the Sharjah Art Foundation. In a room where buckets of water are constantly pouring from the ceiling, you don't just need to look at it from the outside. Boldly go under the drops of rain - passing the exposure, you will be surprised to find that the hair and clothes are completely dry. Real oriental magic!

8. Watch the Formula One Water Racing on the Water

The U.I.M. F1 H2O World Championship is a Formula One water-motor race, from which the most non-art people come to the hype. Bright cars literally cut the water, creating a loud noise - it's drivers in an attempt to overtake each other make dozens of laps around the bay. The spectacle is unforgettable! However, you can look at it only once a year - in December.

9. Take a walk in the Arab bazaars

Travel-foodies claim that you can get to know the city by visiting two places: the station and the bazaar. There are several of them in Sharjah, which gives an opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the unique culture of the country. The central bazaar is located between the shores of the Khalid lagoon, and it is worth to come here at least to admire the impressive selection of decorations, cashmere chalets, Persian carpets, souvenirs and antiques. Fans of all kinds of exotic spices go to the Al-Bahar bazaar, al-Shanasyya - lovers wander through the quaint art salons and cozy cafes, where Arabic coffee with cardamom and saffron is served along with the most delicious dates on the planet.

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