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  • Dr. Dipankar Kundu

Dream Vacations: A Trip To Mauritius

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Emerald Island is a real star among the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. Mark Twain, traveling in Mauritius, left in history the memory that supposedly this place appeared long before God created paradise, and surely Mauritius served as its prototype. The writer was not far from the truth: the exotic shore as impressive then, in the 19th century, is so impressive today. And as much as I would like to part with a cozy business class chair Turkish Airlines, I had to go down from heaven to earth.

Mauritius before the trip seemed to me a fairy-tale fantasy, but the reality exceeded expectations. Here everything looks like a greeting card: juicy colors, white clouds on the azure sky, saturated greenery and blue ocean.

I noticed that in Mauritius everyone is comfortable: lovers of fishing, and divers, and newlyweds, and couples with impressive marital experience. Sincere delight in every traveler cause beaches with white sand, blue lagoons and the beauty of underwater life. The island has become home to people of many nationalities from all over the world. Everyone brought with him traditions, language, religion, which are treated with equal respect here. I was impressed by the special cordiality of The Mauritians: imagine that their language lacks the word "no"!

My first stop was one of the most prestigious hotels in Mauritius- Constance Prince Maurice. It is located on a peninsula bordered by wide beaches, surrounded by tropical nature - here you especially feel how the brackish aroma of water is mixed with the spicy smells of herbs and shrubs.

The two-story villas and cottages of the hotel with tiled and reed roofs are made in the traditional Mauritian style, and the local philosophy can be described in two words - "barefoot elegance".

Every year, Constance Prince Maurice hosts a wine festival called La Paul'e with various tastings, presentations from the producers of this drink from all over the world. Just imagine: Constance Prince Maurice wine cellar is considered the largest among hotels in the Indian Ocean. In particular, it has the most extensive collection of sparkling wines in the region.

Despite the high status of the hotel, its guests prefer cozy and simple clothes, without prudence and glamour. As in fact, the Constance Belle Mare Plage, where I moved in a couple of days.

His lagoon every day pleased me with new flowers: from thick ultramarine to soft turquoise, and clouds slowly floated in the sky. It seemed that the freshness of the Indian Ocean could be inhaled endlessly.

Another undeniable attraction is a golf course called The Legend. There are international championships and there is a golf academy, where even beginners will be told about all the wisdom of the prestigious game. At the Deep Hunter restaurant, located near the golf course, you can often see wild deer, which walk slowly around the area.

To relax after sports or swimming, it is worth going to the local spa. It provides guests with a wide range of treatments for the body and face, massages with fragrant oils and herbs.

Any tourist sooner or later is interested in the culinary traditions of the region. In Mauritius, they are as diverse as the people who inhabit it. Fish and seafood are loved here, and meat is considered a delicacy. The surrounding waters are teeming with tuna, dorada, marlin, barracuda. Fish smoked, fried on coals or eaten raw, generously watering lemon juice. All this is as simple as possible in cooking, but causes a genuine culinary delight. And of course, Mauritius is impossible to imagine without trips around the island: here and colorful nature reserves, and trips to tea plantations, and the meeting of delightful sunsets and dawns, and wine tastings of an exotic drink of lychee. It turns out that in paradise there is a place for the usual earthly joys - for every taste.

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