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Residency by Investment

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Permanent Residency by Investment, Dual Residency & Golden Visa

You are already a resident of your own country if you stay in the country the number of days in a calendar year that qualifies you to be a resident.  If you have a permanent residency permit in another country you have to stay there for a minimum specified period in a year. For example, if anyone stays for a minimum of 182 days in India in any fiscal year, he/she is treated to be a resident of India for that fiscal year. In Germany, to qualify to be resident a domicile has to spend 6 consecutive months in Germany. The rules and number of days are different in different countries. Contact us for more information about residency in any country of your choice.

What is Residency by Investment?

It is the process of acquiring a residency card in another country. It does not give the rights of citizenship.  But it definitely comes with a bunch of facilities. Permanent Residency status gives one access to an improved lifestyle & world-class health among others.


In many countries, Permanent Residency (PR) is the gateway to obtain a Passport. In these countries, you cannot obtain a passport directly. After obtaining a Permanent Residency, you have to wait for a specified period of time, different for different countries, and fulfill certain requirements during the tenor of permanent residency. On fulfilling those requirements and a specified age of permanent residency you can apply for a passport and obtain it.



Time to Residency: 2 - 3 Months

Global Passport Rank: 8

Investments Starting from

€ 300,000

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portugal-region_mediaid (1 of 1).jpg


Time to Residency: 2 - 4 Months

Global Passport Rank: 3

Visa-Free Travel to 170+ countries

Investments Starting from

€ 280,000

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Image by Zoltan Tasi


Time to Residency: 4 - 6 Months

Global Passport Rank: 4

Visa-Free Travel to 26 countries

Investments Starting from

€ 250,000

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Image by Ken Cheung


Time to Residency: 2 - 3 Months

Global Passport Rank: 2

Visa-Free Travel to 170+ countries

Investments Starting from

€ 500,000

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Oia Santorini Greece


Time to Residency: 20 - 50 Days

Global Passport Rank: 4

Visa-Free Travel to 26 countries

Investments Starting from

€ 250,000

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Image by Deniz Fuchidzhiev


Time to Residency: 6 - 9 Months

Global Passport Rank: 9

Visa-Free Travel to 140+ countries

Investments Starting from

€ 511,000

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What are the Benefits of Residency by Investment and Permanent Residency Permit?

You can obtain a Residency Permit also known as a Permanent Residency Permit in a foreign country where you have not stayed before or have no connection in origin or by birthright. The benefits arising out of  Permanent Residency in a foreign country may be manifold. 


Many countries like India, Andorra, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Bahrain, Belarus, Botswana. Bhutan, Oman, Malaysia, and China. If you are a citizen of any of these countries and want a second passport in another country you have to forgo your original passport and citizenship at first. If you do not want to do so, Permanent Residency is the solution for you. You do not have to relinquish your passport and citizenship of your own country to obtain a permanent residency in another country. 

The list of benefits of Permanent Residency varies from country to county but here is a list of benefits that are common in all the countries. The extra benefits country wise are mentioned in the desiccated pages for each country.

1. Improved LifeStyle

One who has a vision for a better and improved lifestyle in a foreign country can opt for Permanent Residency in that country. People prefer Permanent residency by an investment over obtaining a second passport for many reasons. When you stay in a country of your choice you get to avail of all the facilities of that country as a resident.

2. Financial Risk Management

The basic concept behind Financial Risk Management is protecting your wealth. The protection of wealth is made by minimizing the risk of depletion of wealth. Wealth may be secured from depletion through the process of diversifying the investments in such a way that operational, credit, market, foreign exchange, volatility, liquidity, inflation, business, legal, and reputational risks get minimized. This may not be possible in the country of your origin but in a foreign country whose laws are designed for the purpose. Take up a permanent residency permit in that country, live there, work there, invest there, and enjoy every growth of your wealth at the same time making it risk-free from depletion.

3. Immunity from Political, Climatic, & Social Crisis

You do not need to wait till the worst situations of your life knock on your door. These may be political instability, climatic disaster, or social unrest. You know very well that when a country gets hit by political instability,  climatic disaster, or social unrest the entire financial security of the country crashes overnight. The financial crisis gives rise to all other kinds of crises. If your country shows signs of future doldrums you can be a permanent resident in a country where there is barely any chance of such a situation. Lead a better stable life.  

4. New Business Opportunities

When you take up Permanent Residency in a foreign country a wide scope of opportunities unveil in front of you viz. opportunities for new business locations, new business verticals, new target markets, & new partnerships. This will give your business a 4X growth rate. New geographical locations are also a prime factor in business growth and expansion.

5. Top-Notch Education System for the next progeny

You may not have got a great education in your country, things were different in those days. But, even now the existing education system is not at par with the top-notch educational systems of the modern world. This is not the education you want to have your children to have. You want your children to study in the best educational institutions with state of the art education. This you can achieve easily by taking up a permanent residency permit for yourself and your family in a country where the educational system is at par excellence. 

6. Ease of Traveling without Visa

Many countries that provide permanent residency permits by investment have visa-free travel opportunities for their citizens and permanent residents in many other countries. You may travel in between 26-170 different countries of the world without a visa if you take up permanent residency in a particular country with such benefits.

7. Tax Holidays & other Tax Benefits

In many countries, the tax structure of the Government is relaxed, and more pro residents. Certain countries provide exclusive tax benefits and tax holidays if you take up permanent residency in that country. This is a great opportunity to start a business in such a country and save up the money that you were paying in your country as taxes.

8. Ultra-Modern health care facilities

You can avail of the best health care facilities of any country by taking up a permanent residency permit in that country. 

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